Personal Leave entitlement for Social Trainers

The intention of personal leave is to give employees and employers greater flexibility by providing leave on full pay for a variety of personal purposes. The circumstances when an employee can access Personal Leave include:
  • Illness or injury;
  • To provide care or support to a family member or members of their household who are ill or injured;
  • Attend to an emergency affecting a family member;
  • For unanticipated matter of a compassionate or pressing nature that arise without notice and require immediate and attention:
  • With prior approval from the employer to attend planned matters; and (appointments) which cannot be organised outside of normal working hours.

Following a memo sent out by the Director of Accommodation Services, Wendy Cox, in July 2010 there has been confusion over employees' entitlement to Personal Leave and the requirement to provide evidence when accessing Personal Leave.

Below are common questions that are raised when an employee accesses Personal Leave:

What is an unscheduled absence?

An unscheduled absence is the term that DSC uses to define an employee being unable to attend work. This term is used by DSC whether the absence is legitimate or not.

When do I need to provide evidence?

In general employees are only required to provide supporting evidence for Personal Leave in excess of two consecutive days.

Can I be asked for evidence for one or two consecutive days of Personal Leave?

The employer can request evidence from the employee if they have good reason to believe that it is not reasonable or legitimate. Any request for evidence must be in writing and provide the employee with the reason why they doubt the validity of the application for Personal Leave.

Do I have to provide a medical certificate as evidence?

No. Supporting evidence can be a note from your chemist, dentist or even a statuary declaration.

Is taking 5 days of Personal Leave as single or two consecutive days in a 12 month period a legitimate reason for requesting evidence for future access to Personal Leave?


If I take a single or two consecutive days of Personal Leave immediately before or following another form of leave, do I have to provide evidence?

No. Evidence is only required for Personal Leave exceeding two consecutive days.

I have been told that it is DSC policy that all applications for Personal Leave preceding or following any other form of leave are to be accompanied by supporting evidence. Is this right?

If the employer has reason to doubt the validity of an application for personal leave, they can request that an employee provide supporting evidence. The employer must make the request to the employee in writing and state why they believe that the application for Personal Leave is not reasonable or legitimate.

What should I do if I am being restricted from accessing Personal Leave or have been told that pay will be withheld?

Contact CPSU / CSA straight away on 08 9323 3888 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you know of anyone who is affected by any of these issues and who is currently not a member, please advise them to contact their Organiser Sue Walls directly via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone on 08 9323 3800.