Because of Us, WA Works!


Because of Us, WA works!

Every day, thousands of West Australians, like you, work in our critical public services. Because of us; our communities and workplaces are safer, our children are cared for and educated, our justice system protects us, our environment is conserved and our state’s infrastructure is managed.

We are the beating heart of public services and without us, WA would be a far different place.

Because of Us stories

We asked WA public sector workers to share what happens in WA because of the work they do. These are their stories!

Because of me, calls for police assistance are answered at any time of the day and night. We take your phone calls so more police officers can be in their cars, on the streets and on their way to help you instead of spending their time taking reports over the phone and answering your questions. Because of us, WA is a safer place to live.
— Sam, WA Police

My job is as challenging as it is satisfying. I make critical decisions on a daily basis to ensure children and highly vulnerable families are safe. I am responsible for upward of 40 families with more than a 100 children ranging in ages from newborns till 18. Every child is important and deserves to grow up safe!
— Member, Dept. of Communities

Marty & Katie — Perth Zoo

Because of me, there are educators, administration and support staff available to provide and education service for our children. Without school officers there would be no support for students, administration and teaching staff at Western Australian schools. We constantly work understaffed and overloaded with work, but we still manage to ensure students, teachers and administration but we still manage to support all staff. 
— Julie, Dept. of Education

Because of me the Department is able to review our processes to see if we can do things better and cheaper with the hope of keeping costs down for participants in all of the licensed industries we regulate. 
Chris, Dept. of Mines, Industry Regulation and safety

Fiona — North Regional TAFE