No transparency. No trust.

Our campaign.

The Department of Communities has been trying to force through structural and staffing changes without consulting with workers.

Our members are deeply concerned about the impact this will have on the delivery of essential services to the WA community.

Under this "Functional Review" staff are already fighting for full information, proper consultation and ultimately; their jobs. We are beginning to hear reports of staff being ”informally advised” that their job is at risk. 

We all share responsibility against these cuts and ensure these workers voices are heard. Sign up against the Department below and help us stop the WA Government from cutting the core out of Communities. 


Our campaign asks:

  1. Engage in genuine compliant consultation with members

  2. Provide a transparent methodology and timeframes about the Functional Review

  3. Post-Review Job Description Forms and position descriptions must be made available to staff immediately

  4. The review shall not result in the outsourcing of any public sector work

  5. If any new positions are created, displaced communities employees will be the first preference  

  6. Abolished positions shall not impact the remaining employees' workload

  7. If VTSS is offered the department must demonstrate why the position is no longer required

  8. A continued commitment to keep people in secure employment

  9. Where a VTSS is offered, all attempts to keep the employee in public sector employment has been exhausted

  10. The Department will commit to allowing staff to attend Paid Union Meetings throughout the duration of the review to facilitate awareness of change


Together we fight!