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Dear Mr Carrello,

I am writing to you as the General Manager of the Dental Health Service (DHS) to urge you to do the right thing by Grace Angelatos. Grace was a dedicated and loyal employee of DHS for 27 years. She recently left DHS following a devastating medical diagnosis. 

Grace has had a very difficult time lately with the need to undergo urgent medical treatment. She should be on paid personal leave right now. She is now left without steady income as she resigned from her employment when she was not in any condition to do so. No assistance was provided to Grace in relation to her options. She did not have time to seek independent advice and DHS did not provide her with any advice in relation to the benefits available to her, including accessing over 9 weeks of personal leave.

In her words, “I feel like I have been thrown in the scrap heap”.  Grace does not understand why the DHS did not have her best interests at heart when she informed them that she was ill. She nominated a date to stop work because she did not want DHS to schedule patients the following week when she thought that those appointments would have to be cancelled. She confused the cessation of work with actual retirement. Despite trying to correct this, DHS refused to listen. Grace had the best interest of the DHS and its patients at heart. No such courtesy was extended to her. 

Grace thought she had to retire right there and then, and  DHS did not tell her otherwise or offer her any other options.

You have refused to reinstate her employment, despite hers and her Union’s efforts. 

As you know:

  • She advised her employer on 5 April 2016 that she was seriously ill.
  • On 7 April 2016 her employment ended.
  • On 11 April 2016 you received advice requesting that her nominated termination date be changed.

Why are you unwilling to reverse this decision leaving Grace dealing with an economic loss on-top of her medical treatment?  It is unconscionable that DHS would take advantage of Grace at her most vulnerable.

We are requesting that you do the right thing and pay her the equivalent of the leave entitlements and notice period that she was entitled to as an employee.

Yours sincerely,

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