Level 1 Compaction Factsheet

How is the Level 1 classification changing?

Under the Public Services and Government Officers CSA General Agreement 2017 (Old Agreement) employees classified at Level 1 advance annually from increment point 1.1 to increment point 1.8.

Annual salary rates that apply to current increments are as follows:


Annual Salary

















During negotiations for the New Agreement, CSA members won a ‘compaction’ of the Level 1 increments. This means Level 1 will go from 8 increments to 4.

How will employees at each increment level transition to the new increments?

The new increments will be from Level 1.1 to Level 1.4.

The table below demonstrates how Levels 1.1 and 1.2 will transition to a new Level 1.1 and so on:

 Old Agreement Increment         New Agreement Increment
 1.1  1.1 
 1.3  1.2 
 1.5  1.3 
 1.7  1.4


What will my new pay be after the increments are compacted?

The annual rates for the New Agreement include the $1,000 per year pay rise:


Annual Salary 2019

Annual Salary 2020













How will I receive the increase in pay between the Old Agreement and the New Agreement?

After your Agreement is registered, you will receive $1000 back-pay from 13 June 2019.

For a full-time employee who was employed before 13 June 2019 until at least 4 November 2020, the back-pay amount will be $395. Amounts may vary for each employee depending on their employment circumstances eg. part-time employment or commencement since 13 June 2019 etc.

Your back-payment will include both the value of the pay rise and any transition between increments for the period. 

I’m moving from 1.1, 1.3, 1.5, or 1.7 to the new pay rates, what will my back-pay be?

You will receive back-pay for the increase to your annual salaries which would have applied if the new increments and the $1,000 pay rise applied at June 13:

Transitioning Increment

Total Backpay

Back pay minus pay rise

Old Level 1.1 to New 1.1



Old Level 1.3 to New 1.2



Old Level 1.5 to New 1.3



Old Level 1.7 to New 1.4



*All figures are approximate and based on a full-time employee employed for the full period. Check with your payroll department for further details on your backpay.

You will also benefit from the ‘skipping’ of increments described for the other increment levels described below.

I’m moving from 1.2, 1.4, or 1.6 to the new pay rates, what will happen with my pay?

You will receive the back pay for the pay rise backdated to 13 June 2019 based on your own employment circumstances.

Under the Old Agreement at your next anniversary date of employment, you would have only transitioned to the next increment in the 1.1 to 1.8 scale.

Due to the compaction you will now ‘skip’ a level in your next increment increase.

This will result in a greater pay rise from year to year as you progress through the increments.

The pay increases between each Level 1 increment will now be as follows:

Transitioning Increment

Total Increase to Annual Salary 

New Level 1.1 to New Level 1.2


New Level 1.2 to New Level 1.3 


New Level 1.3 to New Level 1.4


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