When will I start seeing the $1000 increase in my pay?

The CSA Agreement was registered on Monday 4 November 2019. Your pay rise should be applied in your next pay. However, some Departments/Agencies may need extra time to process changes to your pay rate.  Please contact your payroll department to confirm when the pay rise will be applied.

How much extra pay will receive each fortnight?

You will receive an annual salary increase of $1000.  This equates to a pay rise of $38.40 per fortnight, before tax ($ 1000 / 26.083).

What is backdating and how does it affect my pay rise?

The $1000 pay rise is backdated to 13 June 2019. Backdating benefits members by delivering a lump sum payment to cover the 5 months since the last Agreement expired.

I am a casual employee; how will my pay rise be applied?

The Government does not believe that casuals are entitled to back-pay because they are employed by the hour. However, some casual Public Sector employees are engaged for set terms eg. 6 or 12 month ‘casual contracts’. If you have been working on a set term ‘casual contract’ since 13 June 2019 please contact your workplace delegate or the Union Office.

Will the pay rise affect my superannuation?

Yes, your employer is required to increase your superannuation contributions. 
The minimum employer superannuation contribution will now be 9.5% of your new annual salary (ordinary time earnings).

What do I need to do to get my 2020 pay rise?

Nothing! Accessing your 2020 pay rise will be simpler than in 2019, you will receive an automatic increase in your pay following 13 June 2020.   

If you have any queries please contact your Delegate or the Union Office on (08) 9323 3800

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