Name of Councillor
Position Filled
Name of Proxy Councillor
Position Filled
# Councillor Vacancies
# Proxy Councillor Vacancies
Contact Email
  Toni Walkington
Rikki Hendon
Brian Dodds
Matthew Abrahamson
Becky Anderson
Bruce Hawkins
Branch Secretary
Branch Assistant Secretary
Vice President
Vice President
Communities Anette Bohm
Graham Thompson
Grant Sutherland
Anna Tay
John Hughes
Rod Schoneveld
2 4
Dental Health and Health Services     2 2  
Education and Regional Offices    Charlie Brown 1 Nil
Institutes of Technology Lewis Stevens
Janet Matthews
  Nil 2
Justice Ursula Konig
Kurt Mayerhofer
Belinda Moore
Deborah Stackpole
  1 5
Local Government Sport Cultural Industries and Conservation Deanne Fitzgerald
Allan Veal
  Nil 1
Mines Industry Regulation and Safety Bethany Conway
Siri Alluru
David Torr  Nil 1
Planning and Heritage     1 1  
Policy and Administration Guy Wroth Dennis Liddelow  1 1
Primary Industries and Regulation Phil Goulding    1 2
Schools & Regions Denise Henden   3 4
Transport and Main Roads Gail Burges
Barry McAuliffe
  Nil 2
Treasury & Finance John Lamb Rick Boyd Nil Nil

Universities     1 1  
Water and Environmental Regulation Leanne Reid   Nil 1
Water Industry   Leanne Brown 1 Nil

Western Australian Police and Emergency Services     2 2  
      16 30  



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