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Serco Log of Claims update

The Wages claim

To be clear to all members: There was no agreement on Serco’s offer of 1.5% for the wages claim.

On this claim Serco has maintained 1.5% and 1.5%, up from 1.25% initially. As you know this “increase” is an extra cup of coffee a fortnight for many workers despite Serco repeatedly stating money is the most important thing to you. It was outlined that this offer results in many members getting less than $1000 and that unsurprisingly nobody is persuaded by this wages offer.

Agreement was reached on two of your claims

After exhaustive discussions, negotiations and efforts by Delegates Serco and the CPSU/CSA are attempting to finalise  a clause that provides clear guidelines for flexible working arrangements for non-custodial staff. The intention is to  provide structures for members to be able to elect to work under a flexible working arrangement going forward. The existing arrangements that have been in place can continue. Further, overtime will be clearly defined with members having the ability to decide to be remunerated excess hours as Overtime or Flexible-time. This will provide all members with clear options with regard to work-life balance and will be secured in the EA. Clearly a positive gain for members and one which has been in the making well before the current EA negotiations started.

Despite the unfortunate back flip on the Canine Handlers claim, Serco has come back to the table and agreed to amend the individual contracts of the Officers. The flexibility the Canine Handlers currently have with their hours of work, which offsets just a fraction of the work they do off-shift to care for the second dog, will now be protected through their contracts. Solidarity among the membership has ensured Serco will do the right thing by these Officers.  The issues still on the table

While Serco has adopted some more of the proposals put forward in the Joint Unions claims which will improve conditions for members, unfortunately they are still refusing to commit to some of your claims.

Despite the EA bargaining team vigorously maintaining the great importance that members place on safety, Serco is steadfast in rejection of the claim for consultation on safe staffing levels. What the Bargaining team have gained is a commitment from Serco to hold an extraordinary meeting about safe staffing levels and deployment, with appropriate decision makers present at the meeting to reach a satisfactory outcome for members. Serco is adamant the soonest this can occur is the  JCC on 4 September. Your joint bargaining team has argued discussions around safety should be held as soon as possible and not delayed. While we wait for Serco to be ready to talk about safe staffing levels, all members are encouraged to contact delegates with their views on safety concerns – and what changes could be made to create a safer workplace. This claim is not resolved, but we will engage with Serco and see how genuine they are about consultation through the JCC.

Non-custodial staff have continued to tell us that paid meal breaks are important. Serco has continued to refuse to budge on paid-meal breaks.

There has still been absolutely no movement on the Custodial Officers’ fair personal leave accrual claim.  To date Serco has presented no credible evidence to back claims staff at Acacia are dishonest, and are regularly rorting the system on personal leave. We continue to completely reject that insulting and baseless attack. This claim remains important to members, as the current entitlement places many Officers in an unfair and restrictive position when making decisions about taking personal leave.

Members have made it clear fair conditions and safety are important and your bargaining team will continue to pursue these final claims.

We’ll tell Serco you’re not happy with some claims around these issues remaining unresolved and we will need to see a better offer to get your support. We’ll update you after our next meeting on the steps ahead.

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