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Dear Nationals WA candidate

Like you, I know how important regional Western Australia is. I live here, I work here and I love doing what I do.

In the last few years, it’s been harder and harder to do my job delivering important public services to the community I live in, the community I’m committed to.

There was a hiring freeze, funding cuts, outsourcing, Agency Expenditure Reviews, Voluntary Separation Schemes and Workforce Renewal policies that only replace 0.6FTE of a position when the person in that position retires or resigns. In towns smaller than Perth, 0.6FTE of very little, is almost nothing.

My work, and my colleagues’ work has also grown less permanent and less predictable. That’s meant that we haven’t been able to make financial commitments in our communities. If we don’t know if we have a job in three months’ time because we are employed on rolling contracts, it’s hard to commit to buy a local car or a house.

The Agreement that covers my pay and conditions, and 30 000 other public sector staff, the Public Service and Government Officers General Agreement 2014 expires on the 12 June 2017. As part of our campaign for a fair deal, we are asking political parties that can make a difference to support us so we can continue to deliver valued services to regional Western Australians.

We know that the economic conditions aren’t great, but we also know that regional towns and cities can’t take any more cuts to services and that they deserve better.

The CPSU/CSA and regional members would be very grateful to have an opportunity to meet with you and the Nationals Leader, Brendon Grylls to talk to you both about our Agreement, and about the impact of cuts on services to regional West Australians. You can contact the Union to set up a meeting in regional WA at [email protected] or phone Kylie Turner on 0409 102 063.


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