Fancy a fingerlime?

Spring is here and our fingerlime is in bloom!  Dull and unremarkable on the outside, fingerlimes are anything but on the inside. This year we have high hopes for pavlovas, chicken and seafood sprinkled with these gorgeous pearls bursting with flavour.  Throw them on to some stir fried king prawns for simple foody bliss. The fingerlimes are part of our family’s growing bush tucker garden.

Our stand-out favourite is our lemon myrtle.  This is the most loved and well used food plant in the garden.  We pick at least a few leaves each day for teas, fish, chicken or desserts.

A close second are our four midyim berry bushes.  These low-growing, easy-care bushes have a flush of purple-spotted berries in autumn that are like tiny spicy apples.  Lovely with cheese.

A paperbark planted in memory of former member and wetland ecologist, the late Dr Luke Pen, has always been a favourite of honeyeaters who tear strips off for their nests each spring.  We now use sheets of the bark to steam and smoke vegetables, fish or chicken on the BBQ or in the oven.

This season we have added the local native yam or Warran, Diascorea hastifolia, following the inaugural WA Bush Foods Conference.  The yam itself is perfectly adapted to local soils and climate, and has a nutty, crisp flavour.  We’re growing ours in a large pot to make harvesting easier.  It will die down over summer then resprout after the first rains.

Other bush tucker species in our garden include muntries, milkmaids, macadamias and our local species of dianella (D. revoluta).

As a part of the upcoming Living Smart course, we’ll be touring the bush tucker garden at Maalinup Gallery in the Swan Valley and joining gallery owner, Dale Tilbrook, for a bush tucker tasting.  Why not join us? Details here…

PS: If anyone knows where to find a strawberry gum (Eucalyptus olida) around Perth… please let me know!

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