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EXCLUSIVE: Introducing WA's new Minister for Commerce

On the 11 March 2017, Western Australia went to the polls and delivered a resounding result to the WA Labor Party. After campaigning on jobs and no privatisation, the new McGowan Government has begun the task of delivering on their platform. It’s a big job. Some might say colossal.

Ged Kearney's thoughts on the 'female vote'

Over the course of my life as a working woman I've watched many self-conscious attempts by conservative governments to appeal to the ‘female vote’, but I've noted that very rarely do conservative governments make their pitch to the nation one that pays much attention to the specific needs of women...

Q&A with Darren Foster the new Director-General of DPC


Since the new State Government rolled in, sweeping changes have been made, including a new DG for the Public Service.

We sat down with Darren Foster about his new appointment as Director-General, Department of Premier and Cabinet. 

State of the states: why Labor’s fortunes are on the rise in WA

By nature a conservative state, the Liberal Party has dominated Western Australian politics for most of the past decade. As well as holding power at the state level in coalition with the Nationals, the Liberals hold 12 of WA’s 15 current federal lower house seats and six of the 12 Senate seats.

The Prime Minister is right...

The Prime Minister is right: there is a moral aspect to economics, just not in the way he thinks.

Malcolm Turnbull’s recent description of budget management as a ‘moral challenge’ suggests that he is aware of the complex, real world stakes at play.