10 Min Tech Crunch

10 MIN Tech crunch

The 10 Min Tech Crunch is your go-to place for quick-and-easy IT learning. Tips, hints and tricks to make your work life more efficient and effective.

10 Websites To Learn Something New In 30 Minutes A Day

Learning something new is always an exciting endeavour to commence. The problem is that most of us get wrapped up in busy distractions throughout the day so that we can never find the time to learn the new skill we want. Luckily, there’s a better solution.

Everything You Need To Master Microsoft Office

Whether you love it or hate it, Office is the biggest productivity suite in the world. With luck, and with these tips, you can work smarter, be more productive and get more done so you have time to do the other things you actually want to do.

How to Spot and Debunk Fake News

It's easier than ever for someone to create a website and post completely made up stories that become international headlines. Luckily, fake news isn't too difficult to spot. Here's how to filter it out of your feeds. 

The Most Important Ways to Protect Your Privacy on Facebook

The growth of social media has been built on our ability to readily exchange information. But that doesn't mean you have to be an open book. Take control of the information you share with your networks and connections, with these tips to fine-tune your Facebook privacy settings.