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Anna Stewart Project 2018

The Anna Stewart Project is a Union run program to empower women and improve gender diversity, equality and rights in the workplace.

Association Gains Important Arbitration Act Amendment (1962)

In this Rewind article from January 1962, The Civil Service Association introduced legislation to amend Part 10 of the Industrial Arbitration Act. It was accepted during Parliament after a request to amend the definition of "Government Officer". 

Family violence response must tackle all forms of abuse

The term “domestic violence” typically conjures images of physical assaults perpetrated by men against women and children in the home. But beneath the tip of the iceberg of severe violence lie a myriad of other damaging behaviours, including psychological and financial abuse, and emotional manipulation.

New year new habits

It’s the beginning of a new year! If you are thinking of adding a new habit to your day to day life, you should first reflect on how you picked up your current habits and whether you can use the same skills to incorporate new behaviours into your routine. 

Rewind: A Look at Cats (July, 1974)

Cat memes may rule the internet nowadays, but their influence on conversation - and even unionism - predates the interwebs. Our inaugural Rewind takes a look at the lighter side of union-journalism as we revisit an article printed in the CSA Journal in July, 1974; an entire page dedicated to the friendly domestic feline.

Rewind: No More Job Discrimination (January, 1967)

In the 1960’s women were earning around 61 cents to every dollar a man made, now the gender pay gap is narrowing, but it is still a long way from equal pay. This is an article from January 1967 by Alma Lutz for the journal “Women Speaking” and reprinted in the Civil Service Journal of 1967.  

Rewind: Safety Belts Can Save Lives (July, 1961)

In July 1961, when this article was first written in the Official Publication American Federation of State, Country and Municipal Employees, seat belts were not mandatory in cars. 

Rewind: The brain can now be X-rayed (October, 1954)

This piece featuring in the Civil Service Journal of 1954 shows us how far we have come in medicine, as the first X-ray machine to scan the brain is unveiled to Members. 

Rewind: The Simplified Keyboard (December, 1981)

We have always been told that the keys on our keyboards are placed in the most frequently hit spaces, but this article from the '80s says that is nonsense. Dr August Dvorak explores different key placement theories and claims we will soon see the death of the qwerty keyboard. 

Rewind: This Party – or That? (February, 1971)

"Loyalty is a two-edged sword. Any Government has a right to expect loyalty and efficiency from its Public Services with this right comes an obligation to see that Civil Servants receive a fair deal in return.

Rewind: Trimming the Service Won't Fix Inflation (April, 1971)

“Trimming the fat” of Public Services is not a new topic, this article from April 1971 in the Journal of the Victorian Public Service Association, talks about attacks on the Public Service and the economic capers of Australian politicians. 

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