'McManusstan' becomes a utopia for dissatisfied Australians

After an article in today's Australian Financial Review called for businesses to 'Start fighting on IR' or prepare for rule under Australian Council of Trade Unions boss Sally McManus; many people decided they would live quite happily under such circumstances and took to twitter accordingly — under the hashtag; #McManusstan.


In #McManusstan workers have equality, dignity, decent jobs and a fair retirement #ausunions pic.twitter.com/iOhgaL8FTr

— MUA (@MaritimeUnionAU) July 19, 2017


(Scene in 2019) I, for one, welcome our new fairness in Industrial Relations #McManusstan pic.twitter.com/WqpYelrF5A

— Joshua Lloyd (@JL4au) July 19, 2017

'I can't pay my bills and am struggling to put food on the table for my kids' Words you won't hear a full-time worker say in #McManusstan

— Nadine Flood (@NadineFloodCPSU) July 20, 2017

Peace, bread and penalty rates. #McManusstan pic.twitter.com/2xmAgE8nPl

— Matt Burke (@matttburke) July 19, 2017

In #McManusstan, there is a properly-resourced, functioning TAFE system. #auspol

— Van Badham (@vanbadham) July 19, 2017

#McManusstan pic.twitter.com/YY3MN9V2rT

— CPSU/CSA (@cpsucsa) July 20, 2017

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