REWIND: APHEDA’s vital contribution recognised (March 1994)

This article is found in The Journal from March 1994. 

"APHEDA has a long history in support of the anti-apartheid struggle. On behalf of the African National Congress we would like to express our deep appreciation for your efforts. 

“APHEDA’s development assistance programmes have made a very significant contribution. Assistance is not only material, or helping realise the ultimate foal of freedom in South Africa - assistance is about people, about people in Australia caring enough about our people to contribute financially, to contribute their time, their skills, their emotions. 

“This is what sustains us. This is what is irreplaceable in human endeavour. This is the true meaning of solidarity. 

“We thank you and the people of Australia and will be eternally grateful for your magnificent contribution.” 

- Nelson Mandela, President, Australian National Congress 


BILL Jardine (60) spent three years in solitary confinement in South African gaols. One of his crimes was to advocate a fair and equitable education system instead of the sixteen racially seperate systems that robs the township kids of hope, opportunities and resources. 

Now a principal ANC spokesperson on sports development, Jardine visited Australia recently as a guest of APHEDA, the Aid Agency of the ACTU, and the Australian Rugby League. 

Bill, a member of the National Sports Congress, came as a representative of one of the many project partners with whom APHEDA has worked in the past ten years. 

His goals include seeing black kids develop their own sporting heroes; to see sport rid of its racial encumbrances and sport uniting rather than dividing South Africa. 

The dream is coming true. 

The Australian trade union movement’s long struggle against apartheid became direct development assistance with the formation of the ACTU’s international development agency, APHEDA, in 1984. 

With support from unions and the Australian Government Aid Agency, AIDAB, APHEDA has directly partnered over 40 projects worth over $7 million strategically targeting education, training and resettlement. 

APHEDA’s wide range of projects with its dynamic partner agencies in South Africa, has achieved impressive results with over 10,000 disadvantaged South Africans directly benefitting. 

Equally impressive is the range and quality of programs, such as vocational and technical training, scholarships and administration and media training, adult literacy, job skills training and AIDS education. 

There are a number of ways you can help promote the aims of APHEDA: 

  • You can become an APHEDA member
  • Distribute APHEDA information in your workplace 
  • On May 1 each year make a tax deductible donation of one hour’s pay to APHEDA for international worker skills development 
  • Join APHEDA’s development and human rights campaigns 

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