What To Do If You Don't Have Your Same-Sex Marriage Survey Form

By now, many of you will have already received your Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey. But what if you accidentally damaged it? Or what if it never arrived in the mail? Fortunately, it's possible to request a replacement form from the ABS.

Below are the steps you need to take to receive a new form: 


When should I receive my same-sex marriage survey form? 

If you're reading this in mid-September, give it a few more days. While the ABS started mailing out survey forms last week, the process is expected to take until September 25. So you still have another week before you need to start worrying.


I never received my same-sex survey form. What now?

If you haven't received your Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey by September 26, something is probably up. Either it was stolen from your mailbox or never delivered in the first place. This means you will need to request a replacement form from the ABS. 


How do I request a same-sex marriage replacement form?

To request an Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey replacement, simply head to the ABS website and fill out the prompts. To receive a replacement survey form you will need to provide your driver’s licence or Australian passport details and check a box to agree to your information being used to verify your identity. 

You will also need to provide your full name, date of birth, reason for requesting a replacement form and your electoral roll address. 


I lost my same-sex survey form. Now what?

The same process applies for misplaced surveys. (See above.)


I accidentally damaged my same-sex survey form. What now?

The same process applies for damaged surveys. (See above.)


What if I don't have a licence or passport?

If you don't have a licence or passport, you can contact the Marriage Law Postal Survey Information Line on 1800 572 113.


How long to I have to request a replacement?

The ABS will close receipt of forms at 6pm on November 7. Forms returned after this date won't be counted. Voters are therefore urged to send their same-sex marriage survey no later than October 27, 2017. However, the ABS has said that replacements forms may take 7–10 working days to reach you. This means you need to request your replacement form by October 17 at the latest. 

Requesting an address change will also invalidate your original form. (Each form has a unique bar code.) So nobody gets to vote twice. 


When will results be public?

The survey results will be published on the ABS website on 15 November 2017. That's just eight days after the survey officially closes. (Although you actually need to post your form by 27 October to ensure it's counted).

This article was originally published on LifeHacker by Chris Jager  


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