Meet Phil, Our Workload Management Champion

Meet Phil Goulding, our Workload Management champion for Your Union Agreement.

Phil works in the Department of Agriculture and Food as a Research Officer, and is responsible for mapping and tracking environmental emergencies across Western Australia.

Phil and his team provide invaluable support to the agriculture sector with on-demand mapping of property, vegetation and general maintenance in the sector.
The destruction of Australia’s crops by locusts, the Russian wheat aphid and the Cucumber Model Virus are all major emergencies that occurred during 2015 and Phil’s team were at the front line.
However, without people like Phil there is a great risk to our agricultural crops and without these crops Australia loses out on one of the biggest income earners for our country.
Phil has experienced the impact that cut-backs, under-staffing and an insecure workforce have on workload both at the desk and on the frontline.
The Department of Agriculture and Food has been one of the hardest hit by cuts under the Barnett government, losing nearly one third of their workforce.
“We went from about fifteen to sixteen-hundred workers to under one thousand, so we have lost a lot of staff.
“We feel it at every level. We have a lot of bright and eager young minds coming into the Department, but if an experienced staff member doesn’t have time to hand over their knowledge and know-how, they get discouraged very quickly.”
“When the 2006 locust incident happened it was all hands on deck and we had to bring out admin staff to help determine the density of locusts.”
“We really struggled in 2016 to bring out the same amount of people, I just don’t think we can do it any longer.
“We have to rely on casual staff being brought in that might not have the expertise, and that is part of the problem, once their expertise is out the door it’s very hard to get it back.”
Phil knows that the impact of excessive workload due to cut-backs, under-staffing and an insecure workforce don’t just affect the frontline.

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