8 of the world's most awesome public sector jobs

Life in the public service isn’t all Key Performance Indicators and competency building. Some government jobs are just straightforwardly amazing. Here’s some of the coolest, hand-picked by

1. Island Builder

Like the idea of raising an artificial island and turning it into a bird sanctuary? So do the Dutch, apparently, because they’re building a whole archipelago of them! You’ll need to be good with petty cash; the first island will cost about $78 million.

2. Military ballet teacher

Help South Korean soldiers unwind after a stressful day guarding the border with North Korea. Who says you can’t find jobs that combine the military and your sensitive side?

3. Party mayor

Finally, a job that helps people and involves an expertise in partying! In Cali, Colombia, making sure the city’s nightlife is banging is literally Alejandro Vásquez Zawadzky’s job description. With the role also existing in the Netherlands and Portugal – and coming to London – it might just be worth getting yourself to a party-city pronto and making friends with the local government.

4. Moss planter

Feeling gentle? Want to spend your days having a nice potter around while saving thousands of lives? Then sign up to Paris’s latest air pollution scheme – installing vertical moss cultures that suck in filth and could cut pollution by 30%! Possibility for travel as Berlin and London eye up the mossy marvels for themselves.

5. Keeper of the doomsday machines

Wait, what? That’s right. Work on the world’s biggest earthquake machines and prepare humanity for catastrophe. Spend your days simulating tsunamis, earthquakes and landslides, and do it all from sunny California.

6. Ice cream policeman

Surely everybody wanted to be an ice cream man when they were a kid. Or a superhero. Well, now you can fight crime and hand out tasty treats at the same time! Just head to Boston, USA, where every summer law enforcement hands out ice cream to citizens to build trust with the local community.

7. Eagle trainer

The bad news is that dragons aren’t real and you can’t be a dragon trainer. The good news is that the Dutch police are teaching the flying raptors to take out illegal drones. You could be the one to win the predator’s trust, teach it to win aerial dogfights against robot intruders and then maybe go fetch a snack if it’s already up. 

8. Rocket Scientist

Public service isn’t rocket science… except when it is! Geek out and use science, drones and satellites to give widows their land rights, sort out cities with unmanageable traffic and connect up remote Indian villages to electricity. And what’s more, do it all from the comfort of your own swivel chair.

… And one job you don’t want: Fatberg chopper

A fatberg is a bus-sized ball of grease that’s accumulated in the London sewers. Teams of ‘flushers’ don head-to-toe protective suits, grab their shovels and go down there to hack the fat into chunks. At least the fat gets used for fuel, but still, what are the chances that you get absorbed by the blob? Are they zero? Thought not.

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