Member Focus: John, Dept of Finance

CPSU/CSA Member and Councilor, John Lamb is a Procurement Manager at the Department of Finance.  John helps in developing and managing whole of Government contracts like Common Use Agreements.

What John enjoys most about the job are the people he works with and the job and the flexible working conditions (thanks to his Union!).

Being a procurement Manager has its upsides too. In the mid 2000’s, John had the opportunity to work on an all-encompassing review of Rottnest Island’s operations and got to visit the beautiful island regularly as part of that role. 

“Working on the Rottnest Taskforce back in the mid-2000s was pretty amazing. It’s a beautiful place so it was great to visit regularly.”

Of course, life isn’t all about working and John is most proud of his two sons, he loves cheesy Eurovision contestants and getting a laugh out of funny cat videos on Youtube (Don’t we all).

John is also someone you might want to have on your team for your local quiz night.

“I have an ability to recall useless facts, which can be quite handy at quiz nights.”

Like the rest of us, John knows public servants do an incredible job and he wants to maintain, and improve the working conditions that they have.

“I want to help ensure that my workplace continues to be a good place to work and also assist in resolving any employment related issues as they arise.”

John has been a long term member of the public sector working for the Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Finance and he was recently elected to the CPSU/CSA Council.