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TED Talks: Off Balance On Purpose

According to Dan Thurmon, work-life balance is an intriguing, desirable and unrealistic concept.

We're told work-life balance is the ultimate goal, and we beat ourselves up in pursuit of it.

In this TED talk, Thurmon explores a new philosophy: Rather than living our lives on-balance, we should live them "off-balance, on purpose." Being off-balance is our reality and that's okay, because it allows us to learn, grow, love, serve others and improve ourselves in meaningful ways. The question is, are we off-balance in response to our world, or are we off-balance on purpose?

Enjoy Dan's complete talk, or skip ahead to the most relevant section by using the minute markers below:

0:30: Life balance is unrealistic.

3:40: Being off balance helps us learn.

6:20: We don't truly multitask.

8:00: Patterns in our life engage and drive us further.

8:30: The 5 spheres of success.


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Source: TED Talks / Hubspot.