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Infographic: 60 Essential Keyboard Shortcuts For Office Workers

Why let Gen Y's and IT professionals have all the fun with keyboard shortcuts. Boost your productivity with these 60 essential shortcuts for every office worker.

It might take some time to accustom to new ways of doing things on your Windows PC or Mac — but the small amount of time you might lose memorising the shortcuts will be well and truly made up for in newfound productivity.  

The infographic below, divided into 6 main categories across the most used Windows and Mac programs, including Microsoft Office, Chrome and Gmail — offers the the best keyboard shortcuts to make your time spent infront of the computer as efficient as possible. 

You will no doubt be familliar with some of these shortcuts, but we bet you'll learn a new trick or two!

Infographic: Essay Writing Service.  

This article has been adapted from Lifehacker Australia.