What Australians Googled Most In 2016

You won't believe this. You will gasp in surprise. Please sit down before you read the next sentence.

It turns out Australians really like sport.

So Google just released its Year In Search for 2016 — the Adam Sandler of years — and it turns out we tend to google a lot of things. A lot of those things tend to be sports related.

Other things we like to Google: Pokemon GO, politics, Donald Trump, Pauline Hanson...

Also: a lot of Australian people Googled 'What Is Love?' Hard to tell if they were going deep or trying to find a copy of Haddaway's classic pop anthem from 1993.

Here's the official overall top 10 things we were Googling in 2016...

Overall Searches (Trending)

1. US election

2. Olympics

3. Census

4. Euro 2016

5. Australian Open 2016

6. Pokemon Go

7. Donald Trump

8. iPhone 7

9. David Bowie

10. Prince

News (Trending)

1. US election results

2. Census

3. Pokemon Go

4. Total solar eclipse

5. Oscars 2016

6. Dreamworld accident

7. Brussels

8. Zika Virus

9. Harambe

10. Hurricane Matthew

Global People (Trending)

1. Donald Trump

2. Hillary Clinton

3. Conor McGregor

4. Steven Avery

5. Melania Trump

6. Meghan Markle

7. OJ Simpson

8. Chris Gayle

9. Tom Hiddleston

10. Brad Pitt

Aussies (Trending)

1. Mitchell Pearce

2. Molly Meldrum

3. Tara Brown

4. Pauline Hanson

5. Mel McLaughlin

6. Rebecca Wilson

7. Peter Brock

8. Sonia Kruger

9. Malcolm Turnbull

10. Michelle Jenneke

What is..? (Most Searched)

1. What is my IP address

2. What is a plebiscite

3. What is Pokemon Go

4. What is the weather today

5. What is the time

6. What is all purpose flour

7. What is love

8. What is Brexit

9. What is gluten

10. What is the meaning of life

This article was originally wrtitten by Mark Serrels for  lifehacker.