How to maximise your work day

Every day when you get to work, your focus gets interrupted by emails, phone calls and work conversations. Learn how to regain your focus by using the Rule of 3, start each day by giving yourself three tasks to complete by the end of the day.

The Art of Manliness suggests that most people have a small amount of down time before all the distractions come pouring in. Setting yourself goals during that time, can make or break your work day. If someone interrupts your work, you can think of it as a small distraction rather than derailing your whole day.

This concept is enough to do and it helps to maximise your time and productivity for the day. Here is why according to The Art of Manliness and LifeHacker.

The benefits of using the Rule of 3

Going into work with absolutely no direction is just as bad as starting your day with a long list of ten or more items on your to-do list. Focusing on your top three most important tasks will help direct your energy and even minimise your stress as you work throughout the day.

Relying on other people and their emails or tasks changes your work regime from deliberate to reactive, which can make you feel lost and can easily push you off-track.

If you use the Rule of 3 it can help you snap back to reality, because, I am sure we have all had moments where you realise you have been distracted for half an hour and you forgot what you were working on. If you have three priority items written down, you can easily re-read it and get back on track.

Once you start a small list of jobs, unimportant tasks get reviewed and crossed off your list. Instead of thinking “I have twenty jobs to do today!” you look through your list at the start of the day and realise in reality you only have twenty tasks for the week.

Using the Rule of 3 can also be changed to your top three goals for the week, month or even the year. Planning in advance can make sure everything is done in time, so you don’t have to worry that something is over-due and you’ll have to do a rush job on the day.

The Art of Manliness says that it is important to reflect at the end of the day (or week, month and year) so you can get the hang of the Rule of 3. Being flexible is also important, if something more important comes up change your list, don’t go too hard on yourself if you can’t complete your three tasks and make sure you don’t call it quits for the day once you complete your top three tasks.