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New year new habits

It’s the beginning of a new year! If you are thinking of adding a new habit to your day to day life, you should first reflect on how you picked up your current habits and whether you can use the same skills to incorporate new behaviours into your routine. 

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Can they ask me that?

Patrick Williams from ABC took a look at the questions prospective employers can and can't ask you in an interview. These are the questions they can't ask you with some notable exceptions and tips for dodging hidden inquiries.

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Fighting back against the generalised JDF

Budget cuts for staff in any workplace brings with it a number of risks – spiralling overtime, higher levels of stress and an expectation that everyone left needs to ‘step up.’ What happens when ‘stepping up’ or ‘embracing change’ means that your Job Description Form (JDF) suddenly becomes unrecognisable to you?

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