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3,000 jobs gone

Up to 30,000 public sector workers are expected to strike in Queensland next month, opposing state government's plans to slash staff numbers.

Since taking up office in March Queensland Liberal/National Party Premier Campbell Newman has been on a mission to decimate the public sector, believing it will not affect frontline services.

Just how will that happen?

The new government claims there are up to 20,000 too many public sector jobs which has made a lot of staff very nervous.

An estimated 3,000 temporary and casual jobs disappeared on June 30 with more to go which has prompted the first wave ofindustrial action.

If you think it could only happen in Queensland then think again.

It could quite easily happen here in Western Australia which is why we are calling on you to help us secure your employment future.

The Barnett Government has already put a freeze on Full Time Equivalent numbers in the public sector and will cut a further 5% off most government department budgets between now and 2015-16.

Western Australia's population is growing at an estimated 1000 people per week and the cutbacks will mean less peoplewill be expected to take on a bigger workload and the public will be forced to wait even longer to access public services.

There has been a major spike in insecure work in the WA public sector which makes it easier for government to get rid of contract workers.

Are you a CPSU/CSA Member on a fixed-term contract? If so update your employment details online

To help us better campaign around the issue of fixed term contracts we need Members to keep their details up-to-date. That way we can ascertain the size of the threat.

Please take the time to check your employment details via the My Profile tab on the CPSU/CSA website.

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Are you eligible for permanency?

Check out our FAQs on Fixed term contracts (Note requires login to view)

Our campaign to convert those on rolling fixed-term contracts to permanency

We are currently campaigning to ensure the next State Government commits to maintaining a strong and vibrant public sector, including ensuring that people on rolling fixed-term contracts are given permanency. This involves us lobbying state politicians to roll-back Section 80E(7) of the Industrial Relations Act.

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