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$700,000 to Outsource Recruitment at DCS

As revealed to The Sunday Times over $700,000 of taxpayer’s money is being spent to outsource recruitment at Department of Corrective Services, even though it could easily be done in-house at no extra cost.

The dramatic increase in prison populations means DCS needed to take on another 260 prison guards. 

This recruitment drive would usually be undertaken by the DCS’s HR department which shares the role with with the Department of the Attorney General. 

But it seems their pro-private enterprise Commissioner is willing to outsource everything he can get his hands on, even though DCS is already in the WA Industrial Relations Commission for trying to secretly out-source payroll.

There’s no denying prisons are desperate for more Prison Officers but the process the DCS Commissioner has used, spending an extra $700,000 when there are major Agency Reviews currently in place, is irresponsible to taxpayers.

Ultimately the issue is the state government under resourcing WA’s prisons.

CPSU/CSA Secretary Toni Walkington says that in the next few months’ prisoners will not be able to access programs and rehabilitation services because there are insufficient facilities and qualified staff.

“The prison system is in gridlock.

“Colin Barnett and Joe Francis have increased the prison population through increased penalties but have not put in measures, such as rehabilitation, that actually reduce crime.

“We will see further increases in prison population because prisoners are not able to access re-hab programs. They leave prison without education, behavioral changes, support and supervision - making reoffending more likely.

“People do not believe they are any safer now than they were five years ago,” Ms Walkington said.

More of this story on The West Australian & ABC online



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