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Barnett Govt to cut services to over 250 families with disabilities

The Barnett Government will cut services to over 250 of the most vulnerable families in our community by abolishing Community Social Trainers in the Disabilities Services Commission on Jan 27 2012.

The affected clients of DSC are people with disabilities severe enough for them to require ongoing specialised support to live independently in the community. Their intellectual and/or physical disabilities make the everyday activities we take for granted, like catching a bus or doing the shopping, quite a challenge. Their families will also suffer under these cuts.

Many of these families have long-term relationships with their caseworkers– some in excess of 30 years.DSC’s Community Social Trainers are deeply committed to ensuring that people with disabilities have the opportunity to live independently and with dignity, integrated into our community with the support they require.

The CPSU/CSA cannot find any indication from government of which not-for-profit or private sector provider will supposedly replace services currently provided by government.

Jo Gaines, Acting Branch Secretary of the CPSU/CSA said:

"This is another example of the Barnett Government walking away from their responsibility to vulnerable people in our community as they continue to implement the recommendations of their Economic Audit Committee."

The CPSU/CSA calls on the Barnett Government to continue to support the most vulnerable families in our community with services of Community Social Trainers from within the DSC.

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