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Family devastated at DSC group home privatisation plans


“Leave everything as it is.”

That is the clear message from Don Williams who has a brother in a Disability Services Commission group home currently earmarked for privatisation.
Mr Williams is one of the many across the metropolitan area who is against the Barnett Government’s decision to hand over the government-run facilities to companies.
He is “dead against” the home being transitioned to a private provider.
“It is great where he is now…it is his home, the staff out there are just like family to him and he is as happy as Larry,” Mr Williams said.
“Since he has been where he is, it’s absolutely brilliant, the staff treat him like family.”
Mr Williams said his whole family were “devastated” after hearing of the privatisation plans.
“It shouldn’t be happening, it’s working, why change it?
“They keep telling us it is not going to change and everything will be the same but it won’t be.”
In his opinion Mr Williams said privatisation doesn’t work.
He has worked for one of these providers and said it was “shocking” what they had done.
“At the end of a week they didn’t have enough food in the house to feed the people.”
Like many other families Mr Williams is frustrated at the lack of information being provided to them about the transition process.
“They told us they would be keeping in contact with us all the way through the process and two months is too long not to be told what is going on.”
Attending the Caring for Residents with Disabilities (CARD) group meetings has been an eye-opener for Mr Williams who has heard from others in a similar situation.

“It’s just unreal the trouble the people are having with this transitioning.”
Mr Williams doesn’t believe he will receive the same level of care from a private provider as he does from DSC.

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