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How and why to vote NO in the Acacia EBA

Just say NO in the Acacia EBA Ballot. Why?

SAFETY COMPROMISED: Serco does not want to consult with staff on staffing levels;

LOSS OF PROTECTION: Serco wants to limit staff access to the Dispute Settlement Procedure and deny us union consultation when Serco changes our jobs;

PAYRISE CAPS: Some non-custodial staff will have their pay rise capped at CPI.

Ballot opens 9:30am, Thu 7 August

Ballot closes: 2pm, Mon 11 August

We must vote NO to restart negotiations. Not voting does not equal a NO vote. So vote!

It's not just us who think you should vote NO. Watch Industrial and Employment Lawyer Simon Millman of Slater & Gordon explain why.


It is the union's view that the Joint Consultative Committee should be retained in its current form but Serco wants to scrap it.

“Unfortunately Serco disagree with us and if you look at the proposal they have put out you will see that the JCC has been ripped apart and it has been left with no role to play under the new agreement if this agreement is voted up,” Mr Millman said.

For those on annual leave:
Serco has agreed that proxying of votes may occur. You can email Serco (CC the union at the same time) advising them that you choose another staff member to vote on your behalf. The person you nominate will then receive your ballot paper and their own and will vote according to your wishes.

For those on suspension:
Serco have offered to bring the ballot box to the car park for you to vote.


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