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Incidents at Banksia Hill

CPSU/CSA Banksia Hill Update - Sunday, 13 November 2016

During the incident, three detainees jumped out the window to escape - but were caught immediately.

The remaining four detainees barricaded themselves in.

the damage is estimated at between $350 - 400 thousand.

That brings this year’s repair bill for Banksia Hill to over $1million.

The detainees broke every window, trashed to unit, pulled the paneling and the cabling out of the ceiling.

The damage was so significant, bricks were removed from the walls and thrown at SOG. 

The centre was in lockdown from 3.30pm to 6.30pm.

There are no reported injuries from this incident.

This is the first incident for Jasper Wing A; which usually houses remand and younger male detainees.

Flash bombs, chemical spray used to subdue detainees at Banksia Hill juvenile detention centre (13/11/16)

Guards have used flash bombs and chemical spray to subdue a group of detainees in the latest incident at Banksia Hill juvenile detention centre.

Seven detainees were involved in the violence on Saturday afternoon, which included throwing bricks at guards and smashing windows in the facility's Jasper Wing, the Department of Corrective Services has confirmed.

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Banksia Hill youth detainees throw bricks (13/11/16)

Youths at the Banksia Hill detention centre removed bricks from the walls and threw them at officers during a fracas yesterday, says the union representing corrections officers.

The Community and Public Sector Union-Civil Service Association said seven juvenile detainees at the Banksia Hill Juvenile Detention Centre damaged the Jasper Wing of the detention centre yesterday.

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WA youth prison guards angry after riot (13/11/16) 

By Greg Roberts

The latest violent incident at Perth's juvenile detention centre - the 10th in less than two-and-a-half months - has prompted the prison officers' union to blame it on the introduction of a rehabilitation program imported from the US.

Seven detainees were involved - three who jumped out of a window trying to escape - causing an estimated $350,000 to $400,000 trashing their unit on Saturday afternoon.

Guards used flash bombs and chemical spray to control rioting detainees.

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Banksia Hill detention centre: Department, police probe two disturbances in four days (02/10/16)

An internal investigation will be conducted into two disturbances at Perth's Banksia Hill juvenile detention facility that caused significant damage to buildings as police consider laying charges against those involved.

During the most serious incident, which occurred yesterday afternoon, rioting teenage inmates armed with makeshift weapons barricaded themselves inside a unit at the prison, smashing windows and furniture.

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Banksia Hill detention centre in lockdown after destructive rampage (02/10/16)

Special operations group officers used flash bangs and pepper spray to end a violent riot at Banksia Hill Detention Centre today - the second riot this week.

The riots have caused an estimated $250,000 worth of damage and prompted calls for harsher punishments for trouble detainees.

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Banksia Hill riot: ‘Flash bombs’ used to quell riot at Perth’s juvenile detention centre (02/10/16)

Banksia Hill Detention Centre was forced into lockdown after young offenders rioted and inflicted about $150,000 damage on a wing of the facility.

The Department of Corrective services confirmed the incident in the Perth suburb of Canning Vale, which has left a section of the centre uninhabitable.

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Banksia Hill: Guards use flash bombs and tear gas to break up two days of riots (02/10/16)

Guards at a juvenile detention centre resorted to using flash bombs and pepper spray to subdue rioting teenagers armed with make shift weapons.

The incident occurred at Banksia Hill detention centre near Perth on Thursday and was the second of its kind this week.

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Banksia Hill juvenile riot: stun grenades, tear gas quells detainee (02/10/16)

 Stun grenades and pepper spray have been used on four detainees at Perth's juvenile lock-up centre who had makeshift weapons behind a barricade.

The group barricaded themselves in a wing of the Banksia Hill juvenile detention centre on Thursday afternoon.

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