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DSC Campaign Update - March 2014

The Campaign Grows 

The campaign to defend DSC Accommodation Services is largely being waged house by house, group by group. Those houses that are active and united in the campaign, will have the best chance of protecting jobs. Congratulations to all members who are participating in campaign actions – meetings, signing petitions, making cards available to concerned families. These actions are challenging the transition process and making a difference to saving services.

A letter to the Minister 

An active group of family members and advocates of individuals who live in group homes have voiced their concerns in a letter to the Minister. The letter makes it clear that what the Minister is planning will tear their loved ones lives apart. Despite what the Minister has said, families and advocates know that this process is not about choice. The one choice they want is not available to them and they state: “Our choice is for our family members to remain in their existing home, with their existing house-mates, and their existing staff in the employment of the government.” The letter has been signed by 20 families and advocates.

Distribution of postcards to families

The distribution of postcards to concerned family members has been an important part of our campaign. Your union does not have the contact details of families unless they have initiated contact with the union office. We urge members to continue to make cards available to concerned families and advocates so we can share the information we have available and offer support. There has been some confusion amongst members about their right to make cards available to family members following conflicting instructions from DSC.

Our advice to members is as follows:

If the issue of transition is raised in any conversation with family/advocates either at a formal meeting or more indirectly at social visits a member can hand the person a CSA Postcard and direct them to the CSA for additional information.

This strategy was recently bolstered when a meeting of Union Delegates unanimously passed a resolution endorsing the action and advising DSC that, as elected Union Representatives, they will be handing information to families and advocates who express a concern about the privatisation of DSC services.


By now you should have received our petition calling for the reversal of the cuts to DSC Accommodation Services. It is important that we get as many signatures as we can on the petition to send a strong message to government that this plan is a bad idea. Please sign the petition and encourage your family, friends and your local community to do the same to express their support.

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