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Your workload in Adult Community Corrections and Youth justice

How are we helping to manage your workload and make things better?
  • The Workload Management Strategy (WMS)
    Protections exist around workload through the WMS benchmarks which were won by your union in 2008 and are still in force. Clause 42 of the General Agreement also provides protections around workload. 
    Download the  pdf  WMS Consent Order WAIRC 2008 (156.89 kB)
  • Workload Management Review Committee
    Your delegates set up a Workload Management Review Committee in 2013 which seeks to review and update the WMS.
  • Managing Your Workload
    It is your right under the WMS to negotiate your workload within the benchmarks with your team leader on an ongoing basis.
  • Workload Management Survey
    We'll be running a survey in cooperation with DCS.


The joint survey will be run later this year. You need to participate in this to show how things have changed over time so we know where things are not working.

Contact your delegates for more information who sit on the WMS review committee:

  • Kurt Mayerhofer (YJS Geraldton) 08 9920 8600
  • Stephanie McPherson (YJS South Hedland) 08 9177 9500
  • Jean Ellis (ACC Sem Maddington) 08 9493 9444
  • Belinda Moore (ACC CWM East Perth) 08 9230 2000
  • David Keel (ACC Albany) 08 9845 5300
  • Antonia Esten (ACC SWC Fremantle) 08 9431 0350

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