80E (7) denies Members justice

Despite successfully campaigning for the repeal of PSMA Section 99 in 2010, we are still denied access to justice via the WA I.R. Act, Section 80E (7) on matters including acting, secondment, transfer, contract employment and recruitment.

At first we are asking Members in the Marginal seats of Jandakot, Morley, Mount Lawley, Riverton, Southern River and Wanneroo to visit their local MP's in a delegation.

Nominate to visit your local MP and make 80E (7) a priority for them when Parliament resumes in August.  You will visit with other employees and be supplied with all the information you require for a successful meeting. Dates TBC between Mon 25 July - mid August (nominations now closed).

The following have happened to Members and could happen to you without recourse to appeal if 80E (7) stands:

  • Despite having fairly won a position it could be taken away from you if someone in management doesn't like the appointment;
  • You can be transferred within the agency with no consideration of your needs;
  • Ongoing and excessive use of contract employment and Acting arrangements can deny you access to permanent employment;

Legislation to address this has been languishing in parliament for over 8 months now and many Members have been treated unfairly. We need to send a strong message to MPs to do the right thing and debate the proposed change.

Help us ensure that WA IR Act, Section 80E (7) is repealed so that Members can access our independent umpire, the WAIRC.

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