Another permanency win!

CPSU/CSA member Denise works as a School Officer in Mount Lawley and after five years has officially received permanency!

She said the process was a bit daunting, but worth the outcome, even for a part-time role.

“I feel mine was a small victory, but a victory nevertheless!”

Denise had significant help from the Union as she was found to meet the eligibility criteria, but was not offered a permanent position due to the fact that there was no ongoing funding.

The Union reviewed her circumstances, advised the arguments she could make to gain permanency and then approved a drafted letter to appeal the decision to the Department.

“With encouragement and assistance from the Union, I appealed the original outcome.

“The decision was reviewed and I was granted permanency. A just result after working for five years in the same position,” she said. 

 This is another fantastic win for a member with the Path to Permanency campaign and a big congratulations to Denise!

If you, or a colleague, believes they are eligible for conversion to permanency; join the Path to Permanency today.

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  • Mark Tebbutt

    Mark Tebbutt

    04 April 2019 at 10:25 | #

    This is great news and a just outcome.

    I find I'm incensed by the initial reason to refuse permanency. Not funded should be a fact which shouldn't change because of an appeal. To achieve a reversal of this decision can only be because either they made a mistake (the position is funded) or the reason was spurious designed to obfuscate their true intentions. It's tragic that the outcome was motivated by avoidance of arbitration rather than empathy for Denise.


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