BREAKING NEWS: New offer received!

A new offer has been received from government! It is drastically different from the first one, which was rejected at the last meeting of your delegates.

We’ve come so far in the process – initially it seemed that any improvement of conditions beyond the strict $1000 per annum cap would be rejected by the government out of hand. This new offer meets nearly every condition in our original claim, which was developed and endorsed your Delegates.

A meeting for delegates to discuss the new offer will be held at 9AM on 25 June. You can speak to your delegate about the offer and they will bring your feedback to the meeting, where they’ll make a decision whether to recommend the offer to CPSU/CSA governing Council. Council will then determine if in principle agreement can be reached and if the offer should be put to the vote of members - so it is vital that you let your delegates know how you want to be represented in these decisions.

Don’t have a delegate? Let us know at [email protected]

Although it contains the $1000 pay cap, the conditions achieved in this offer absolutely break Wages Policy. The list of improvements below could not have happened without applying significant pressure to government. They should never forget that because of us, WA works!

We are currently working through the offer in finer detail but let’s look at what we’ve won:

✅ New improvements:

  • 3 hours minimum engagement, recognition of increments and 25% loading for casuals
  • Improvement on days of bereavement leave from 2 to 3
  • Superannuation on up to 12 weeks unpaid parental Leave – A first for the public sector
  • Two paid Union meetings a year
  • Level 1 compaction; from 8 to 4 levels
  • New public sector public holiday
  • No increase to GROH for the life of the agreement
  • Paid cultural and ceremonial leave for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders – A first for the public sector
  • Adult traineeship rates increased significantly
    Review for discounted public transport

✅ Workforce stability:

  • Better workload management provisions.
  • Greater flexibility in accessing certain leave entitlements.
  • Opportunity to improve working from home provisions.
  • More secure employment.
  • Consultation on future Wages Policy.
  • Commitment to conversion to permanency process.
  • Further commitment to dealing with job security issues around privatisation, labour
    hire and contracting out.

Download the offer to read more.

If this offer is accepted, you’ll have secured significant provisions in the public sector that will change the lives of thousands of workers, and lock in a $2000 wage increase. Speak to your delegate today and let them know what you think.

*This offer is for the General Agreement only. Negotiations for satellite Agreements are still ongoing, but the conditions and improvements in the GA will form the basis of all satellite offers.

Comments (3)

  • Keith Davis

    Keith Davis

    13 June 2019 at 08:15 | #

    Good morning,

    So is it $1000 or $2000 pay rise? See above, at the beginning it talks about $1000 and then at the end it talks about $2000. Not that I would complain about a $2k pay rise!

    As for my feedback as a union member… yes great deal (in these current economic times), thanks for all your hard work on this. Personally, I would accept the deal, but I think it should be put to all union members to vote, at the very least. Many thanks.


    • Keith Davis

      Keith Davis

      13 June 2019 at 08:20 | #

      Just realised (after reading the actual offer document), is the $2000 over 2 years, i.e. $1000 each year?


      • Administrator


        13 June 2019 at 08:57 | #

        Hi Keith! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. Can confirm it is $2000 over two years.


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