Budget 2018; Scrap the Severance Scheme and Job Cuts


The further extension of the severance scheme into the next financial year confirms that the attempt to cut 3000 public service jobs has failed.

The consequences of the 1600 jobs gone to date has been borne by those people who remain in the public service.

Mostly the WA Government has handed extra payments to people anticipating retiring soon.  While popular with workers who take advantage of the scheme, it leaves those remaining with an impossible job to do.

Over 3000 people working in public services responded to a recent survey and identified that: 

  • Over 70% have a higher workload than a year ago;
  • 70% of people are working additional hours and through meal breaks;
  • 71% are experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety. 

The continuation of the Severance Scheme simply doesn’t make sense.

The sector continues to use unpaid labour, temporary employment fixes and expensive contractors or consultants to get the job done.

The projected historical low rate of general government expense growth, coming off underspending by agencies, means a continued reliance on the public sector to do the heavy lifting.  With nearly 50% of people we surveyed identifying reductions in quality of work, delays in response times and longer waiting times the budget means further reductions in services to the WA community.

Over 55% of people we surveyed believed there are alternate measures to reduce costs through ceasing outsourcing, retention of experienced and skilled staff, and returning to a stable ongoing workforce.

Along with everyone in WA the increased fees and charges and the limitations on wage increases will see people working in public services worse off.

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