Call for Calm in Bushfire Response

A Waroona resident can’t thank Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPAW) firefighters enough who saved his house during the devastating fires in the area two weeks ago.
The DPAW crew was in the middle of a 32-hour shift when they saved the property — it is stories like that that make you realise the vital role DPAW staff and other public servants play in times of crisis.
See how this great story unfolded in the below Channel 7 story.


“They have got some balls to drive into that firestorm,” said a Waroona resident who had his house saved by DPAW firefighters who were in the middle of a 32-hour shift.

See how this great story unfolded and how heroic the guys from DPAW were in the fire that devastated parts of Waroona and the town of Yarloop.


Toni Walkington on ABC 720

Branch secretary Toni Walkington spoke to ABC 720 on January 21, defending the role that DPAW staff played in the fires that attacked Waroona, Yarloop and surrounds.
Hear what she had to say in this interview with Drive presenter Jane Marwick.

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  • Derek Winters

    Derek Winters

    25 January 2016 at 08:28 | #

    A very considered response by Toni I thought. Now is not the time to go off hot headed. She recognised that the Departments can and do work together but more importantly refuted the argument for one agency to be totally responsible for fire mitigation and suppression. With quite sensible arguments about where the knowledge base lies in regards to the complexities of forests, fuel loads and landforms let alone weather. DPaW is the successor of a land management agency with almost 100 years experience in fire management and a regime of prescribed burning developed after a Royal Commission following a series of fires leading to the 1961 Dwellingup fire. Both agencies concerned are suffering from the government's financial ineptitude but this is no reason to lay the blame game on each other. United we stand.


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