Changes at Polytechnic West

There are decisions being made at Polytechnic that will have significant impact on members working lives.

These changes are already underway in Print Cell and are likely to have a flow on affect in Bookshops and Libraries. We do not know all the details yet, indeed we still await an official Notification of Change.

Please consider being more involved and speak to your delegates about your concerns or any questions you may have. You can find your delegate here.

Don't have a delegate? Email [email protected]

Significant changes are also happening with the re-location of the Equine Training Centre at Westfield. The timeframes are not clear at this stage. This change affects not only the staff involved but 12 students and 10 horses.

Meanwhile @ Central

Changes to the introduction of the Student Management System at Central Institute are also having a inpact on staff and services.

These changes intend to move student enrolments currently conducted face-to-face to an online system. This will significantly change the current Customer Service role at Central.

As Central puts in place their change management processes, we ask members to consider getting involved and joining our in consultation processes. There is a need for many more delegates throughout Central to help share the role with existing delegates. If you are interested in becoming more involved please feel free to contact your organiser at [email protected] or ring Lewis Stevens on 08 9427 3760 or send him an e-mail.

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