Dark Day For WA Education Not Easily Forgotten

Public services such as schools and education are to shoulder more of the budget repair measures.

Today’s announcement of closures of schools and education support services is alarming. 

There are now over 430 jobs expected to be lost from public education: 

  • 188 jobs have been axed in last week’s announcements;
  • 170 positions are similarly affected by the new round of closures; and
  • Approximately 70 fixed term contracts will end and not be renewed over the Christmas and New Year’s break. 

Community Public Sector Union and Civil Service Association Branch Secretary Toni Walkington said Mark McGowan’s austerity drive and targeting of the public services would not be forgotten by the West Australians struggling to provide these services, WA’s public servants. 

“The McGowan Government promised to invest in West Australian education. Instead, they have compromised the education and future of West Australian children.

“This is particularly noted in the cuts to WA’s Gifted and Talented program as well as the larger impact the cuts will have in regional communities.

“This is a broken promise to public sector staff that the McGowan Government promised to support. Our members voted for a Labor Government that promised to value the public services, spoke of an enduring belief in the power of education and recognised the power of education to build a better state.

“Instead we are seeing short-sighted austerity drives and job losses that will ultimately damage the economy of the state. 

“Our message to every parent who is concerned about these cuts is to contact the Education Minister directly. Let her know that austerity measures don’t work.

“The future of our children and the future of our state are worth so much more to our community than short sighted austerity measures that will not benefit our state.”

MEDIA: Andrei Buters - 0421 934 794

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  • Mark Finnegan

    Mark Finnegan

    13 December 2017 at 19:58 | #

    Working people had to fight for and win secure jobs with decent conditions, let’s fight back to retain them.


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