EA update - guess who's dropped the ball?

By now you will have heard the Water Corporation has pulled the Fair Work Australia ballot – why?

Simple. Too many stuff ups.

The Water Corporation aren't confident the result to the vote would be accepted by Fair Work Australia and "just a little" concerned the ballot would have resulted in a resounding NO result.

These stuff ups include:

  • Ending the bargaining before all matters had been settled
  • Commencing the roadshow before a final draft of the EA was published on the web site
  • The Electoral Commission somehow sending out ballot papers too early
  • Level 7 and L8 who were eligible to vote being excluded from the ballot
  • The likelihood of many votes being declared invalid The prospect of the Unions challenging the result.

The Water Corporation hopes to recommence the process over the next few weeks but there are still many barriers to the whole process being concluded.

These include:

  • Water Corporation deciding the Level 8’s currently employed will not be given an opportunity to vote on the new EA – we oppose this – they should remain in the EA and get a vote!
  • Water Corporation refusing to re-open negotiations on outstanding union claims which were not resolved during the last round of negotiations – they have shut the door on your claims!
  • Water Corporation wanting to limit the number of bargaining meetings to a bare minimum – effectively not bargaining in good faith which is a requirement of Fair Work Australia – L7’s and L8’s should be given a fair go!
  • Water Corporation threatening to not back pay to April 1 if a No vote gets up – this is a threat and we should not accept this!

What's next?

The CPSU/CSA will not accept anything less than a completely fair and transparent process leading up to and including the next ballot. To ensure this happens we are going to Fair Work Australia to get orders to ensure Water Corporation is made to keep its end of the bargain.

We want:

Level 7 and Level 8's to be given a right to vote in the ballot and to be included in the 2014 Agreement.>/p>

Fair Work Australia to grant us permission to take industrial action if the Water Corporation will not come to the party and agree to a fair and decent pay rise for all Water Corporation employees.

Maintain the rage:

Over the next few weeks the CPSU/CSA will continue to meet with as many members as possible to explain our version of what’s happening. We will be sending out updates and our team of union officials and delegates are at your disposal to answer any questions you may have.

Don’t let the Water Corporation fool you into thinking everything is OK and this is just a hiccup – this is their Stuff Up – and if they think they can deny you a fair pay rise by rushing through to a new ballot - well they better think again because we won’t stand for it!

Vote NO when the ballot occurs. Keep your eyes on the main game – better pay and working condition for Water Corporation employees.

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