Effort under way to further prevent corruption

The Union has handed down it’s submission to the Joint Standing Committee investigating prevention of corruption and misconduct in public sector procurement.

Union member feedback has led to the development of fourteen recommendations to better prevent corruption.

Some of the recommendations include:

Extensive education.

The recommendation argues in favour of a return to proactive, regular training and briefings by Corruption and Crime Commission staff to multiple state agencies in order to prevent wrongdoing. This would ensure public servants have a better knowledge to protect themselves from potential misconduct. 

Manage secondary employment better.

In recent years, a loss of permanent roles and regular working hours has increased the number of West Australian public servants who require secondary employment. This has increased the risk of exploitation of the public service for the commercial benefit of an outside enterprise. The union outlines how secure employment can reduce the risk while adding to the Public Sector Commission’s substantial work on this area.

Greater transparency.

The Union has identified a number of routes where public transparency is stifled in procurement. From exemption registers, to commercial-in-confidence protections, it is currently too easy for contracts to be hidden from the general public. The union has urged for reform in these areas to shed light on arrangements that don’t quite stack up.

The CPSU/CSA submission will be uploaded to parliament.wa.gov.au in the coming weeks.

To find out more about submission the CPSU/CSA is working on around business licensing in WA, click here.

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