Members vote to accept GA6

Members have voted 2:1 in favour of the second offer in GA6.

Members have voted 2:1 to accept Government’s second offer for General Agreement 6 (GA6). In a tough negotiating environment, with an emboldened, second-term conservative government determined to cut back and privatise public services, the collective will of members has delivered:

A 3 year agreement that will position us strategically to utilise the next state election as leverage in our next pay and conditions campaign;

  • 2.75% in the first year, 2.5% in the second year and 2.5% in the third year;
  • No trade-offs in our conditions of employment;
  • Back pay to date of in principle agreement 13 June 2014.

Members will receive the same pay increases as Police and Firefighters, and have prevented the loss of job security provisions through their participation in industrial action throughout the campaign.

Given the difficult political circumstances, this is a considerable achievement.

But let’s be honest, it’s not all we hoped for when we started.

The Barnett Government went into the 2013 state election with a policy to maintain the fair and reasonable wages policy that delivered good outcomes for members in GA5. However, once elected, it broke that promise by imposing a new, restrictive wages policy on GA6 negotiations.

WA needs a government it can trust, that invests in public services for the benefit of the community and negotiates fairly with you, the workers that support and deliver them.

Whether the outcome is the one you personally voted for or not, we each have further work to do. In particular, we must remind our colleagues who will share the pay rises and conditions that they were secured because you and other members made it possible to campaign and negotiate this General Agreement.

Next steps: 

  • We will write to Commerce confirming members have accepted the offer.
  • We will soon supply materials helping delegates explain the outcome to members and help to invite potential members to join.
  • We will work quickly with government to finalise the administrative processes required for the registration of the agreement to ensure members can access their payrise as soon as possible.

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