GPS Trackers in EHD Fleet Vehicles - Status Update

The CPSU/CSA has been liaising with the Health service’s Industrial Relations unit on the use of GPS trackers, with members raising concerns that the trackers may be used for performance management rather than for their proper purposes.

In early February the Union raised concerns that an FAQ document had been distributed by the EHD to employees which provided incorrect information on the Surveillance Devices Act 1998. After this concern was raised, the FAQ document was retracted on 19 February and the IR service began to work with the Union on developing a policy on the use of GPS trackers which would prescribe their proper purposes and prevent their inappropriate use in performance management or disciplinary matters.

This policy is still in the negotiations stage with the Union and IR service, however a draft is expected by 29 March. The IR service has also undertaken to ensure that some cars not fitted with GPS devices will still be available in the EHD fleet.

The CPSU/CSA looks forward to a mutually agreed policy that will settle the matter to the satisfaction of Union members. We will continue to be in contact with members to advise on the status of the policy.

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