Support and kindness for Grace

Grace has worked with Dental Health Services for over 27 years.

On 1 April 2016 Grace was diagnosed with a serious lung condition. On 5 April 2016 she notified her employer that she was ill. On 7 April 2016 her employment ended.

In a distressed and confused state, Grace was encouraged to nominate an end date to her employment, but was not advised of her rights. Grace was not advised that she had access to 9 weeks of personal leave that she could have used to take some time off, talk things over with her family, consult her Union and consider her options.

Grace is now facing extensive medical treatment with no income to cover her costs.

Subsequent attempts by the Union to reverse this decision have been heartlessly rejected by Dental Health Services. After more than two decades of work Grace should be treated with dignity, loyalty and respect. She has suffered significant economic loss, while also dealing with her devastating medical condition.

We are asking for members and non-members to show support for Grace in her quest for fairness.

Please help us by using the link below to email General Manager, Sam Carrello in support of Grace and then share Grace's story with your friends, family and colleagues. This is a public page for all members of our community so spread the word far and wide and show Grace the kindness and support she deserves.

Or COPY + PASTE the message into your email here.

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