KPI's linked to pay won't work in the Public Sector

CPSU/CSA Secretary Toni Walkington spoke to 6PR Breakfast on why KPI's linked to pay won't work in the Public Sector.

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Toni Walkington on 6PR 

Is it fair to hold people to this type of conditions? 

Well it is not just unfair but it also doesn’t make sense, the linking of salaries with performance targets it doesn’t work in human services and most of what the government does. What we are recommending is that the government look at employee engagement and not go down the path of linking performance targets with salaries, theres a whole range of reasons why this doesn’t work. 

But it works in the private sector? 

It works in some areas of the private sector, it makes sense if you are producing widgets and you are produce more widgets and theres more money and theres more profit and you want to share that with employees, that can be done through a process of performance pay arrangements, but that is a very limited area of the workforce and certainly government services doesn’t fall into that sort of business.  

Some would say though that you need some KPI’s and they have to be measured and if you do make it you get rewarded and if you don’t make it you get a slap on the wrist, rather than a slap on the wrist, you get hit where it hurts and that is the hip pocket. 

Well, time and time again pay is just one motivator, its not the strongest motivator, it certainly far from the strongest motivator especially when you are working in areas like child protection, or working in areas such as centre management. 

We’re not talking workers here we are talking high management level

Well, high level management are also subject to decisions and external forces that are far out of their control. We have no objection to government wide measures, we have no objection to having KPI’s and we think that benchmarking and those sorts of processes have value and they are worth doing. What we are saying is the linking of pay will not work, will not do what the government wants it to do and there are better ways go about it. 

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