MEDIA STATEMENT: Public Sector Union claims Government put the cart before the horse on reform

The CPSU/CSA has cautiously welcomed the Service Priority Panel report released today saying that this report should have been the start of the Public Sector Reform process.

The report of the panel chaired by Iain Rennie has outlined a blueprint for reform but this has come after significant changes to the sector with Machinery of government changes, State Wages policy reform and reductions in the Senior executive Service and a significant headcount reduction. 

“The Rennie Review ought to have been the first thing that the State government did and instead, apparent change for change sake has been the experience to date” says CPSU/CSA Branch Secretary, Toni Walkington.

“The WA Labor Government needs to properly articulate what it means by cultural change in the sector, what it’s service priorities are and what their vision is for the future of the public sector. The Rennie Review’s blueprint for reform is the closest the government has come to achieving this.  However, there is much still to be done by Cabinet, Ministers and public sector leaders.

“The public sector is reeling from the changes being made by this government. The sector was already change fatigued and if the Public Sector Plan process proposed by the Rennie Review is not undertaken collaboratively, the last vestiges of goodwill for this government will evaporate. 

“We welcome the acknowledgement of the review team that there are significant strengths in the public sector that provide a strong foundation on which to build."

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