Minister says Thank You

In a special meeting, Health Minister Roger Cook joined newly reclassified Dental Clinic Assistants, to celebrate their win.

After ten years of fighting for a reclassification from Level 1 to Level 2, WA DCS’s received the positive news only a few weeks ago.

Joining together for the first time since the announcement, the Minister joined CPSU/CSA members to celebrate the news.

“I have the privilege of being the Minister for Health, it’s an extraordinary opportunity in life. So when you’re here, you want to do something that makes sense.

“I know this has been ongoing for some time, and I’d like to acknowledge John Sherry who in the very early days would pull me aside and said there are injustices to be righted.

“So I’m very proud to be part of a government that sees the proper recognition of your level and I’m really pleased for your reclassification.

He continued to praise DCA’s for their contribution to the WA community and public service.

“I’m in awe of the work that you do.

“Oral Health is one of the single most important things we can give to our kids.

“And as they go through life, if we can preserve their oral health in the early years, it sets them up for the future.”

But the Minister also recognised the challenges facing the service.

“I think the work you do is incredibly important, in some pretty dilapidated and aging infrastructure, with some of the most difficult clients and yet you manage every day. 

“But, there is still a lot of work to do.

“There is a lot more we need to do to continue to improve both the conditions that you work in, but also to improve the way we serve those young patients that come to you each day. And I know you will, because you have some great leadership here at the CSA.

“You should feel very fortunate to be part of this great Union.

 “Let’s continue to work to make this a better place to work and a better services for our kids.

“So, thank you for all your hard work, its greatly appreciated,” He said.

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