National Asbestos Awareness Month

Even after almost fifteen years of a national ban, Western Australia’s health is still at risk from asbestos-related disease. The union movement continues to fight for better workplace safety, but during National Asbestos Awareness Month, it’s important that we engage all Australians on the risk posed by asbestos.

With over 2,500 people diagnosed with asbestos related diseases per year, Australia has one of the highest rates of asbestos-related diseases in the world.  Even though Australia banned the importation of asbestos in 2003, every day this dangerous material is able to enter the country. The collective Australian union movement has continued to campaign for stronger federal laws to perform adequate checks for imported building materials.

November is National Asbestos Awareness Month. Throughout the month hundreds of Australians will be hosting ‘Blue Lamington Drives to raise funds for the Asbestos Disease Research Institute and various support groups.

Our Asia Pacific countries have not banned the production of this dangerous material, asbestos remains a serious public health concern in WA. The grass-roots political efforts to ban asbestos in these overseas nations have received direct support from Union Aid Abroad.

CPSU/CSA members in the Department of Water and Environment Regulation work hard to prevent the health threat by preventing illegal dumping of building materials but with irresponsible construction groups dumping asbestos around the state, managing the hazard is made much easier when the public are educated and aware of the potential risk.

To ensure your health, family and friends are protected, head to www.asbestosawareness.com.au

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