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Toni Walkington, Secretary of CPSU/CSA;

“CPSU/CSA members welcome the investment into bushfire mitigation efforts, with the new state government run Rural Fire Service.

“We understand the vital role volunteers, career fighter fighters, DPAW and DFES workers do in emergency management, mitigation and preparation for fire season and believe the establishment of a Rural Fire Service will benefit local communities.

“CPSU/CSA members have been active in fire emergency and mitigation for many years, as both DFES workers and volunteers in their local areas. Their critical knowledge in emergency situations has been invaluable in saving lives.

“We also welcome Mr Murray Carter to this new role, and look forward to working with him closely on the implementation of this new service.

“If properly resourced and managed by DFES, this service will provide unprecedented collaboration in fire emergencies, which CPSU/CSA members have been advocating for years.

“We hope public sector expertise will be utilised and with thorough training, consultation and transparency, we believe WA can have a world leading Rural Fire Service.”




  1. That the State Government dedicates additional resources to expand the delivery

of accredited fire mitigation training to individuals and organisations by the public



  1. That all accredited training be delivered internally by the public sector to guarantee

quality, accountability and a reduction in the cost of delivery over time, whilst

building upon the skills and resources within the sector.


  1. That investment is made in training and authorising experienced staff within the

Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions to undertake bushfire

and arson investigations in regional and rural areas.


  1. That the methodology, project timeframes and, ultimately, results of the workforce

workload analysis of the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions’

fire program project be discussed with the CPSU/CSA and the AWU through

established regular consultative forums.


  1. That an ongoing, stable source of funding at levels matching the required numbers

of personnel to achieve the prescribed the burning outcomes sought by

Government is allocated to the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and



  1. That the Emergency Services Levy allocation mechanism be reviewed with the view

of enabling funding to be directed to essential bushfire fuel management and

response from agencies such as the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions.


  1. That the State Government prioritise strategies to retain staff experienced in

bushfire management and invest in the training and mentoring of new employees

within the Parks and Wildlife division of the Department of Biodiversity,

Conservation and Attractions.


  1. That new employees are actively facilitated to participate in non-emergency fire

management (e.g. prescribed burning) to expand their practical fire experience

prior to engaging in fire emergencies.


  1. That if the State Government adopts Ferguson Recommendation 15 and seeks to

establish a Rural Fire Service, deeper consultation with the community and

relevant stakeholders, including the CPSU/CSA and its membership who will form

the workforce, is required to determine a preferred model.


  1. That if the State Government adopts Ferguson Recommendation 15 and seeks to

establish a Rural Fire Service, decisions regarding the model take into account

where bushfire management skills and knowledge are currently concentrated and

the type of organisational culture necessary to support rural fire management.


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