Rally Against Racism

A message from our union:
CPSU/CSA members are encouraged to attend the “Rally Against Racism: Say No to Reclaim Australia,” which is being held at 12pm at Solidarity Park this Sunday 19 of July. 

The action is being held by United Against Bigotry and Racism in opposition to an organisation called Reclaim Australia, which espouses racist and xenophobic political messages and is planning to use Solidarity Park on Sunday for its own rally. 

Unions are built upon principles of fairness and equality. We stand against racism and oppose the use of Solidarity Park, which is a place of special significance to the WA union movement, for the purpose of promoting discrimination and hate in our community. 

Please add you voice to the many who will be attending to send a clear message that racism is unacceptable.

For more information about the Rally Against Racism, please visit the event Facebook page here . Alternatively you can contact  Phil Chilton ([email protected]) or Mick Suter ([email protected]) for further details.


DATE: Sunday 19 July
TIME: 12pm
LOCATION: Solidarity Park, West Perth (opp. Parliament House)
Click attending and invite your friends on the event page here.
Recently, rallies have been called throughout Australia by the racist group Reclaim Australia. These rallies have vilified Muslims and migrants, as well as people of other non-white backgrounds, claimed halal food supports terrorism, and called for a return to a White Australia policy. Reclaim Australia say they are not racist, however many of its supporters identify as neo-Nazis.
Reclaim Australia has developed in the divisive Islamophobic atmosphere created by the Abbott government and their friends in the Murdoch press. They have sought to demonise Muslims in a cynical attempt to distract people from their agenda of cuts to health, education and social services.
Reclaim Australia will be attempting to hold another rally on July 19 to promote their vile views. WA campaign group United Against Bigotry and Racism have called a counter-rally to show that wherever they attempt to voice their hate speech, people will be there to show them their racism is not welcome.
Let’s make our voices louder than theirs - say no to Reclaim Australia.

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